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What is post-registration training?

We’ve developed our post-registration training to make sure that you become an outstanding early educator from day one.

  • This training is what will make you stand out from other childminders, and ensure that you feel 100% confident to run your childminding business.

  • We have developed this training with the help of child development experts, forest education specialists and with a wealth of knowledge of what parents need and want from their childcare.

The training should take around 15-20 hours, and will be a mix of online learning which you can do in your own time, live Zoom calls and an in-person outdoor session.

What the training covers

Here are the modules:

  • Quality childcare Part 1: Curriculum Delivery
    - This is an extension to the Learning & Development training that you will take as part of your pre-registration training.
    - It will cover day to day routines, planning your week and how to do child observations and assessment.

  • Quality childcare part 2: Positive Partnerships and Professional Care

    - This module is all about how to structure really successful settling in plans for the children, and how to build positive relationships with the parents.
    - It also deals with any attachment issues children may have when they first start in your setting.

  • Positive behaviour management.
    - This will help you to ensure that the children you care for behave in a positive way, and will help you to deal with any challenging behaviour you may face.

  • Building relationships.
    - This will teach you how to structure really successful settling in plans for the children - one of the most important parts of your role as an early educator.
    - It will also teach you how to build positive relationships with the parents, and how to deal with any attachment issues that children may have when they first start in your setting.

  • Parent expectations
    - We have a wealth of knowledge about what parents are looking for from their childcare, and we think it’s important that you understand this deeply.

  • How to run tours
    - We’ll cover how to run a really successful parent tour—after all, this is a family’s first impression of you, so we want it to be great!

  • Running your business
    - Although caring for the children should always be your number one focus, it’s also important that you’re able to run your business successfully.
    - This module will teach you what you need to know in order to keep your business running smoothly (although we do offer a lot of support in this area).

  • Regulatory & contractual

    - This will cover everything regulatory and contractual that you need to know.

  • Record keeping
    - This covers all of the record keeping that you need to do as a childminder.

  • Day-to-day operations
    - This will cover everything you need to know to run your childcare setting day to day such as your policies, changes to opening hours, and pick ups and drop offs.

  • Serving food in your setting

    - This covers everything you need to know about feeding the children in your care, including child nutrition, meal routines, meal planning, feeding very young children (weaning), managing allergies and preferences and picky kids and worried parents. You’ll learn everything you need to prepare tasty, nutritious meals for the little people you look after.

  • Advanced Food Hygiene

    - We went over the basics in your pre-registration training, but this is the more advanced food hygiene knowledge that you need to know before you start preparing and serving food to the children in your care.

Feeding-friendly training

Since most of our training is online and flexible, it's friendly for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mums and parents. For the one in-person training day of outdoor learning, arrange for a relative or friend to look after your little one, and breast-feed during the lunch-break. If you really want to get started but your baby is too young for now—just tell us you need to wait a few months. We'll still be here.


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