This help centre article was written for our Early Educators as part of the Koru Kids Home Nursery service

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How to pay your deposit

Here’s all you need to do to pay your deposit:

  1. Open the email you’ll receive from ‘Xero’ (the email will be called ‘Koru Kids deposit’).

  2. Click on the green ‘Pay Now’ button. You’ll then be taken to your invoice to make payment.

  3. Follow the steps to make payment by card.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask all of our early educators to pay a small, refundable deposit of £50 as a sign of your commitment to completing our training and checks, plus it gives us an indication that you’re serious about opening up a Home Nursery with Koru Kids.

Paying your deposit unlocks all of your registration and training. The value of all this training is about £3,000 and we pick up those costs for you.

When do I have to pay the deposit?

We ask you to pay your deposit before we accept you onto our training programme. As soon as you’ve completed all your background check forms, you’ll get an email from ‘Xero’, our payment provider.

It’s a good idea to pay your deposit as soon as you get the email from ‘Xero’. That way, we can process your application quickly!

If you don’t receive your email from Xero, please check your junk mail. If it’s still missing, please email us at right away.

Can I only pay my deposit online and by card?

Yes, for now, all our payments are processed online. If you are struggling to pay, please contact us at as soon as you can.

When will my deposit be refunded?

Your £50 deposit will be refunded along with your first earnings through Koru Kids, after you have started looking after children.

In which situations will my deposit be refunded, or not refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded to you if:

  • You register with Koru Kids and start looking after paid-for children.

  • We ask you to withdraw your application because of something that has come up with:

    • Your DBS check

    • The checks we run with social services, Ofsted and other childminding agencies

    • The checks we may need to run with the SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) and other embassies

    • Your health declaration check

    • Your landlord/lady not giving you permission to run a childminding business

Your deposit will not be refunded to you if:

  • You decide not to continue with your childminder application and withdraw from the process

  • You fail to attend training without notifying us prior to your booked session, or fail your training as a result of poor engagement. If you are unwell, or anything urgent comes up, please let us know prior to your booking, or at the latest during the session. We will let you reschedule your training for a later date when you are well and able to fully engage, listen, and respond

  • You register as a childminder with Koru Kids, but never look after any paid-for children

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