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All pets must be safe around children

  • Our Early Educators will only have pets at home if they are good-natured and have no history of harm or aggression towards children

  • Early Educators will also be responsible to assess the risk involved with having caged animals (e.g. hamsters, birds) to ensure interaction with them, their cages, or bodily waste poses no risks

  • Each cat or dog will also have up to date vaccination and de-fleaing records

You’ll be made aware of pets in advance

  • Your Early Educator’s profile will flag if they have any pets so you can take that into account when choosing them.

  • You’ll meet any pets during a tour so you can make an informed decision about whether you would be happy for your child to attend the setting.

New pets

  • Your Early Educator will speak to you before they consider getting a new pet.

  • This will give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns, and if these can’t be resolved, you’ll have a chance to withdraw your child from the home nursery (though obviously, we hope this will be an extremely rare situation).

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