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Family: moving to a house nearby

  • If you are going to be moving house to a nearby area and don’t wish to change your childcare arrangements, then please simply notify us of your new address so we can update our records.

Family: moving out of the area

  • If you are going to be moving out of the area and need to change or stop your childcare arrangements, then you’ll need to give 2 months' notice.

  • This 2 month's notice period can be waived at the Early Educator’s discretion if they’re able to fill the vacant space quickly.

Early Educator: moving house

  • If your Early Educator plans to move house, they need to give you 2 months' notice. If the new location is no longer convenient for you, you are able to terminate your agreement at this point.

    • We may be able to help you find alternative childcare - either another home nursery nearby or a Koru Kids nanny.

  • When an Early Educator moves home, a Koru Kids quality assessor will visit to ensure that the new house is a safe suitable environment for a home nursery.

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