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  • We’ll ask for consent in your contract for your Early Educator to be able to take photos of your child whilst they attend the home nursery.

  • If you don’t give this consent, photos will not be taken of your child.

Sharing with other parents

  • If your child is in a photo with another child at their home nursery, this photo may be shared with both sets of parents.

  • All parents are asked not to share photos including other children, beyond their own family. If shared on any social media, the other children should be cropped out.

Using unidentifiable photos

  • If you have given consent for your child to participate in photos, provided that your child can’t be identified in those photos (perhaps because their face is blurred, they are turned away from the camera or are too far away to identify), these photos may be posted on social media or used for marketing purposes.

Using identifiable photos

  • Your Early Educator may display photos of your child within their setting unless you specifically ask them not to.

  • If you have given consent for your child to participate in photos, and your child can be identified in a photo, you will be asked for explicit written permission before that photo is used for any marketing or social media purposes.

Safe photography

  • Early Educators are instructed to ensure children are fully clothed before taking photos.

  • We also ask that parents visiting a home nursery do not take any photos of children.

Deleting photos

  • When your child stops attending a home nursery, the Early Educator will delete all digital copies of photos from their devices and give you any remaining physical copies.

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