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To secure your child’s place at one of our home nurseries, you’ll need to pay a deposit of £150.

  • This amount will be deducted from your final invoice when your child leaves the setting.

  • The deposit won’t be refunded if your child doesn’t take up their place at the home nursery.

Home nursery fees

The standard fees for our home nurseries start from £65 per full day, per child.

  • Some settings may charge slightly more than this - this will be clearly listed on an Early Educator's profile page.

Holiday rest day charge

The holiday rest charge is a contribution that we ask families to make towards their Early Educator's holiday days.

  • It equals 1.66 of days' worth of childcare per month, and is pro rata'd to the amount of hours you use per month.

  • This enables them to take time off and have a holiday pot to draw from to cover them for this.

  • We believe that our Early Educators should have a well deserved break which is why we ask families to contribute towards this.

What’s included?

All day-to-day costs are covered. You just need to ensure your child has suitable outdoor clothing for their everyday adventures.

  • The costs for nappies, wipes, milk, meals, snacks, trips and activities are all covered in your £65 daily fee.

  • If you would like your child to use a particular brand, you can supply this at your own expense.

  • You’ll be sent a suggested kit list before your child starts at the setting so you know what clothing you’ll need to buy for their outdoor activities.

  • There is an option to obtain waterproofs from us for a monthly fee of £2.50. This means we will continue to provide waterproofs of the different sizes they need as they grow. Your Early Educator will also keep and wash the waterproofs at their home - saving you the hassle.

Child illness and holidays

If your child is unable to attend the setting because they’re ill or on holiday, then you’ll still need to pay your fees.

Early Educator holidays

  • Our Early Educators have 4 weeks paid holiday per year as part of your contract.

    • The cost of these is spread out across the year, so you do not have to pay when the setting is closed.

    • The equivalent of 1.66 extra days (pro-rata) will be added to your monthly invoice as a holiday and rest day allowance.

  • Our Early Educators will give you plenty of notice (at least 3 months when the holiday is more than 4 days) to make alternative childcare arrangements. Many parents choose to take their own holidays around closures.

    • We ask that our Early Educators don't take more than 2 weeks' holiday at a time, as we understand that it can be really difficult for you to arrange childcare during longer periods.

  • Early Educators may choose to use their paid holiday allowance when they’re off sick - this means that whilst you would still pay for these days whilst the home nursery is closed, it would come off their annual holiday allowance.

Early Educator illness

If your Early Educator is ill and needs to close their setting, you won’t be charged for these days.

We will do all we can to arrange alternative cover for you if you are stuck for childcare. All alternative cover we provide will be with a different Koru Kids registered childminder. There may be a slight additional cost to this if the early educator providing cover has a higher hourly charge. You can read more about our emergency childcare here.

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