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Opening hours

The standard opening hours of our home nurseries are 8 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday.

  • Although we have standard opening days and hours, each Early Educator can set their own schedule, so this will vary from setting to setting. You can see the opening days and hours for each home nursery on their profile page on our website.

  • If on a regular basis, you need an earlier start or a later finish due to work commitments, we may be able to accommodate this - please get in touch at

Opening weeks

Each home nursery is usually open all year round, except bank holidays and for 4 weeks when the Early Educator is on holiday and their setting is closed.

  • As a parent, you’ll be given plenty of notice about any planned holiday closures so you can organise alternative childcare arrangements, or your own holidays to fit.

  • Some home nurseries will be open term-time only - you’ll be able to see this on their profile page.


Each home nursery will have a maximum of 6 young children.

  • An Early Educator is only allowed to care for 3 children under the age of 5 if they are working on their own. This allowance increases to 6 young children if they work with a qualified childminding assistant.

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