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The daily routine

Your Early Educator takes the best advantage of their local green spaces by heading out with your child every day, rain or shine

  • Your Early Educator will use a number of green spaces local to their home. This won’t just be the same old park every day. For example, they use:

    • Different areas of parks (flower gardens vs sand area vs. open grassy space)

    • Local woods

    • Church gardens

    • Thames beaches

    • Natural playgrounds

Our home nurseries always operate on a similar routine, best suited to the children:

  • They head out and about as a group in the morning whilst energy levels are highest

  • They return for lunch and snoozes in a calm, dark environment

  • They play or do related activities back at home in the afternoon (or on really nice days, may go out again)

  • They eat tea and have a good long reading time - stories to set sail :)

Early Educator training

All Koru Kids' Early Educators have unique proprietary training around outdoor learning delivered by our partner Liberty Woodland School - London’s biggest forest school nursery.

  • This enables them to be fully equipped to make the most of taking the children outdoors and to deliver the Early Years curriculum (EYFS) through outdoor education. They learn to:

    • Identify and select the best green spaces to use

    • Risk assess the spaces and their journey to them

    • How to follow children’s natural curiosity and interest in the natural world

    • How to best use activities suited to the outdoors to cover all the seven areas of learning and development.

    • How to manage inclement weather

    • How to conduct practicalities outdoors - such as toileting and snacks.

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