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Everyone is welcome

All our home nurseries are open for applications from families with children with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • When you speak with an individual Early Educator and go on a tour, chat to them about your child’s specific needs.

  • Each Early Educator will need to assess if they feel trained and ready to accommodate your child alongside the others in their care. However, it is illegal for them to discriminate and they are strongly encouraged to welcome children from all backgrounds.

  • If they take your child Koru Kids will help them with extra support and training if they feel they need it.

  • We will also work with you to ensure you feel your child’s needs are being met. Having a close relationship with your Early Educator is really the key to ensuring that you and your child have the best support throughout their time at the home nursery.

SEND training

Our Early Educators have access to specialist training for a range of SEND needs and they will be given full guidance on what to do to best support your child.

  • Our specialist training will help them adapt activities and learning opportunities where possible so that all children can take part.

  • There is also further SEND training available from their local authority SEND team and Early Educators will be actively signposted to these resources.

Following the EYFS

SEND children still follow the EYFS and still require a developmental check at 2-years-old.

  • We give Early Educators extra support around planning activities and assessing and tracking children with SEND.

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