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Our after school policy

Home nurseries are primarily early years settings.

With the exception of the Early Educator’s own children, our home nurseries are kept exclusively for pre-school children.

We find this is highly preferred by most parents who do not wish for their little ones to be overwhelmed by bigger children for part of the day.

The only exception we make to this policy is if you have a pre-school child at the setting and they have an older sibling that requires after school care.

  • This might be a child that previously attended the setting and has now gone to school.

  • In this instance, you may submit a request verbally to your Early Educator for your older child to have after school care.

    • Your Early Educator can only consider this request if they are legally able to do it within the adult to child ratios mandated by Ofsted. This will depend on the presence and age of their own children.

    • They will also only consider it if the school pick up is:

      • Conveniently located to their home as they will need to bring the children with them.

      • They do not have a pick up at another school (e.g. their own children).

  • It is within the Early Educator's discretion to consider your request. Whilst they will appreciate your desire to have your children cared for together, their priority will be the younger children in the setting and any adverse impact on them of there being an afternoon school run and an older child present for part of the day.

It is highly unlikely that your Early Educator will agree to morning care and the morning school run, as this would be very disruptive to their morning routine and drop-off for other parents.

If your Early Educator agrees to take your child for the afterschool period, the fees payable will be the daily rate pro-rated from 3 pm to 6 pm (or later if they remain open later).

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