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Our after-school policy

Can Home Nurseries offer before and after-school care?

Most of our Home Nurseries offer before and after-school care and holiday care as well. Early Educators can offer a space if they can stay within the adult-to-child ratios mandated by Ofsted. This will depend on how many children are in the setting and how old they are.

Can I ask the Early Educator to do school pick-ups and drop-offs?

We always recommend having a conversation with the Early Educator about your expectations and needs. They can offer pick-ups and drop-offs but it highly depends on their capacity and the school’s distance from the Home Nursery.

How much would I need to pay?

For before and after-school care most of our Early Educators charge their usual hourly rates, but we always recommend having a chat with them about pricing as they might offer different prices for non-daytime hours.

When would I need to pick up my child?

As a general practice our Home Nurseries are open until 6pm but it’s up to the Early Educator’s discretion if they offer longer opening times.

Would my child get an afternoon snack?

Early Educators can provide your child with tea or a snack in the afternoon, but we ask you to please discuss this with the Early Educator beforehand.

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