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When to keep your child at home

You should not send your child to the home nursery if they have symptoms of a contagious infection, a temperature or sickness or diarrhoea.

  • This guide gives details of the most common contagious infections that require your child to be excluded from a childcare setting - as well as those that don't require you to keep them at home.

  • If your child has a temperature do not send them to a home nursery.

    • If they have a temperature and it then comes down once Calpol is administered and they otherwise seem fit and well, you can send them.

  • Children with sickness or diarrhoea should stay at home for 48 hours from the last episode.

  • Children with symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, continuous cough) should stay home until they have a negative test - or if tested positive, until their isolation period is over.

If your child is generally unwell but without any specific symptoms laid out above, please consider keeping them at home

  • The children in the home nurseries are out and about on adventures every day and home nursery is fabulous for a child that is well, but less fun for one feeling under the weather.

  • It would be unfair to the other children for your Early Educator to make allowances for your child being under the weather (e.g. staying in that day) so please consider if they are well enough for an outdoor adventure before you send them.

If your child needs medication administered during the day at home nursery, your Early Educator will follow their medication policy.


Children kept at home for illness pay full fees, as your Early Educator cannot backfill the place.

  • You will be billed as normal.

    • If your child develops a serious condition and will be off home nursery for more than 4 weeks, please speak to your Early Educator and Koru Kids about whether it is possible to pause your place.

Letting your Early Educator know

Please let your home nursery know not to expect your child if they are going to be off sick.

  • If they are not informed they will contact you to understand where your child is, from a safeguarding point of view

    • This could also delay them setting out for that morning’s adventure.

  • Try and let your Early Educator know via WhatsApp, even if you mention it verbally so they have a record of the date to refer back to.

  • Inform your Early Educator of any diagnosis given by a medical professional of any contagious condition as they may need to alert other parents.

If your child falls ill during the day

If your child falls ill during the day, your Early Educator will let you know.

  • If they feel your child is so ill they need to be collected they will let you know. If they cannot contact you, they will work their way through the other contacts, including the emergency contact.

  • If they feel their child is well enough to stay, they will still contact you in case you’d prefer to collect.

  • If they develop a temperature, your early educator will administer paracetamol suspension (Calpol) as long as you have consented to this.

  • They will call you to let you know so you can decide whether to collect your child.

If your child has an accident or injury during the day, your early educator will use their extensive first aid training and follow their accident policy - here.

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