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Whilst your Early Educator providing overnight care is not the norm, it is something you can request.

  • Agreeing to offer it is at the individual discretion of your Early Educator.

  • If the care is delivered in your home (as opposed to the Early Educator’s home), it is not deemed to be Koru Kids work and therefore won’t be covered by our insurance.

It's important to note that there are certain legal requirements they will need to adhere to:

  • Your child must have their own private room to sleep in.

  • Your child should be checked regularly, and a record of those checks will be kept for a reasonable period of time.

  • The Early Educator should make use of a sound monitor.

  • No adults who are not DBS checked should stay on the premises overnight.

The Early Educator will provide a safe sleeping environment with the following risk assessments in place:

  • A flat, firm mattress with a waterproof layer that can be wiped down and kept clean.

  • Sleeping area clear of toys, other objects or cot bumpers.

  • 16-20°C room temperature.

  • Safe distances from radiators, direct sunlight and any cords or other hazards.

  • Children's heads should be left uncovered.

  • No smoking in the house under any circumstances.

  • The child will sleep in a cot or bed depending on their age, or developmental stage.

  • Babies should always be put to sleep on their back, with their feet at the bottom of the cot.

  • Sleeping bags, if they use one, should be a snug fit around the shoulders so they can’t slip up. Any blankets should be tucked in.

    It is important that the family and Early Educator are both clear about the timings of when the child will be dropped off and picked up the following day.

    Medical records should be up to date and the Early Educator must have access to two emergency contacts in addition to the parent's contact details.

    Please share with your Early Educator your child’s bedtime routine so this will help your child settle, for example, what time do they go to bed, or do they wear pull-ups during the night?

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