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If your child gets an injury at home

If your child arrives with an injury that has happened at home, your Early Educator needs to record this on an injury on arrival form.

  • This is part of their legal obligation to safeguard children.

  • Please tell your Early Educator about any injuries at drop off. They will prepare the form for you to sign, which can be done later in the day at pick-up if you’re in a rush.

  • If you forget to mention an injury and they discover it later in the day, they will ask you to fill in the form when you collect your child.

If your child gets an injury at home nursery

  • Your Early Educator will use their paediatric first aid knowledge from their training to treat the injury properly.

  • If your child sustains a head injury they will contact you as soon as possible after they have administered first aid. You don’t need to pick your child up (unless it is judged necessary) but they do need to inform you of the accident at the time.

  • They will follow up by completing an accident form which will also be filled in for any other type of accident. You’ll be asked to sign this at pick-up.

Serious injuries

  • If your child suffers a serious injury, your Early Educator will use their first aid knowledge to judge whether they need to call an ambulance or take the child to A&E.

  • They will inform you as soon as possible, but not ahead of administering first aid and/or calling the ambulance.

Giving your child medicine

Your Early Educator has a Medication Policy and they ensure they follow this when giving medicines to your child.

  • Some key points:

    • They must have parental permission to administer any medication.

      • Calpol may be administered without additional permission if you have consented to it in your contract

    • All medication, including their own, is kept safely out of the reach of children.

    • All prescription medication administered to your child must have their name on it.

    • When your child starts on a new medication, they should not come to the setting for 24 hours afterwards in order to ensure that any adverse reactions occur whilst in your care - not at the setting.

If you ask your Early Educator to administer a prescription medicine for your child, you will need to complete your half of the medication form at the start of the day.

  • Throughout the day, your Early Educator will make a record of the medication that they administer on the same medication form and the times they administer it, etc.

  • You will be asked to sign the form at the end of the day.

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