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You can take your child out of the setting on holiday whenever you like, but you still pay for those days.

  • Your Early Educator is not able to backfill your child’s places and so needs to be paid to have a reliable income.

  • Your Early Educator will take 20 days (4 weeks) annual leave each year, for which you also pay. This benefit of a paid holiday is one of the reasons Koru Kids attracts the best people.

    • The cost of these is spread out across the year, so you do not have to pay when the setting is closed.

    • The equivalent of 1.66 extra days (pro-rata) will be added to your monthly invoice as a holiday and rest day allowance.

  • It is therefore financially sensible to take your holiday at the same time as your Early Educator so you are not paying and having to arrange additional childcare.

  • For this reason, we ask Early Educators to give you a minimum of 3 months notice for longer periods of closure (and many give much longer) so that you have the chance to arrange your holidays to coincide.

Letting your Early Educator know

Please let your home nursery know not to expect your child if you are going to be away.

  • If they are not informed they will contact you to understand where your child is, from a safeguarding point of view

    • This could also delay them setting out for that morning’s adventure.

  • Try and let your Early Educator know via WhatsApp, even if you mention it verbally so they have a record of the date to refer back to.

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