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What happens when an Early Educator goes on holiday?
What happens when an Early Educator goes on holiday?

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Notice of holidays

  • All our home nurseries close for 20 days (4 weeks) of the year so that our Early Educators can take well earned annual leave.

    • Your Early Educator will give you at least 3 months written notice of a closure of more than 4 days.

    • Most families arrange their own holiday to coincide with these dates so as to avoid paying for additional childcare.

    • We ask that our Early Educators don't take more than 2 weeks' holiday at a time, as we understand that it can be really difficult for you to arrange childcare during longer periods.

    • Your Early Educator will give you at least 1 months written notice of a closure of 3 days or less.

    • Koru Kids can provide you with a short term nanny to cover any closures if needed.

    • In the case of an emergency (e.g. a funeral), your Early Educator may ask you to waive the notice period for a short closure.

Fees when closed

  • We charge full fees year-round, including the 20 days closure.

    • Koru Kids' Early Educators get 4 weeks of paid leave a year (after all, everyone deserves a holiday) and we know this helps us attract the best people to care for your child

    • The cost of these is spread out across the year, so you do not have to pay when the setting is closed.

    • The equivalent of 1.66 extra days (pro-rata) will be added to your monthly invoice as a holiday and rest day allowance.

  • When you remove your child from the setting for your own holidays, you also pay full fees.

    • It is therefore financially sensible to take your holiday to coincide with the Early Educators’ holidays where possible to avoid paying more on childcare.

    • This is why we insist on such long minimum notice periods for extended breaks and encourage our Early Educators to give even more notice when possible so that you have time to make your own arrangements.

  • Home nurseries are closed on UK bank holidays. These days are included in the 20 days closure mentioned above.

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