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Early Educator illness

Our Early Educators know how vital bulletproof childcare is to working parents and so avoid closing due to sickness unless it’s absolutely necessary. They all have a health assessment before they begin operating so we know not to expect sick days as a regular occurrence.

  • Early Educators need to close if they have symptoms of any contagious conditions (please see a guide here), any sickness or diarrhoea or symptoms of Covid-19.

  • When they are ill and know they cannot open, they will notify parents as soon as possible so that you have maximum warning.

    • If they are ill over a weekend and they think there is a chance they might not open on a Monday, they won't wait until Sunday evening to say anything.

    • They will let you know the situation and keep you updated. If they end up recovering and opening they know you will still appreciate that they kept you in the loop.

  • If they have contracted a contagious illness they use the Public Health England guidelines on how long they should keep their setting closed so as to not pose a risk to the children in their care.

Assistant illness

Your Early Educator needs to stay within their ratios of adults to children at all times so if their assistant is ill and cannot attend they will need to act accordingly.

  • In this situation, parents would not be charged for this day as they’ll need to pay for alternative childcare.


Fees are not charged to parents when your Early Educator needs to close their setting due to illness. This is because you will need to pay for a replacement cover.

  • An Early Educator can always choose to take some of their paid holidays for the days when they’re ill.

  • This will mean you’re still charged for this time off, but of course, it will reduce their annual allowance, so you will be charged the same in the end.

Long Term Illness

If due to a physical or mental health issue your Early Educator needs to take an extended period of time off work, they will aim to give families the clearest idea possible of how long the setting will be closed for.

  • In the same way as short term sick leave, you will not be charged fees

  • If the setting is closed for longer than one month due to long term illness (or expects to be), Koru Kids will give the families the option to terminate their contract with immediate notice.

When they are able to return to work again, Koru Kids will require another health assessment to be carried out to confirm their ability to safely care for children.

  • Once we are satisfied this is the case, we’ll offer you the option to take your place back up, if required.

Compassionate leave

In the event of the death of a close friend or family member where your Early Educator feels the need for some time off, they will decide if this is to be taken as unpaid sick leave or paid holiday.

  • You won’t be charged if they decide to take this as sick leave.

  • If they take compassionate leave as paid holiday, this will come off their annual 20-day allowance, and as a parent, you will be charged.

  • They will inform parents as soon as possible about their intention to take compassionate leave, and give you a clear idea of when they will re-open their setting.

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