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  • Some of our Early Educators may choose to work alongside a qualified assistant to increase their ratios - the number of children they can care for.

  • When working with a qualified assistant, an Early Educator can care for up to 6 ‘Young Children’, of which 2 can be under 12 months old.

  • A child is a ‘Young Child’ until the September after they turn 5.

Training, vetting and insurance

  • All assistants working with Koru Kids' Early Educators have been DBS checked by Koru Kids. They will have undertaken training on paediatric first aid, food hygiene and safeguarding. This training is regularly refreshed.

  • They are also covered by our specialist group insurance policy.

Supervision and sole care

  • Your Early Educator remains the primary caregiver for your child. Assistants will be fully supervised by the Early Educator.

  • In your contract, we’ll ask for your consent for your child to be cared for by a qualified assistant for up to 2 hours a day without the direct supervision of your Early Educator. This allows them to not always be in the same room - it does not mean that your Early Educator isn’t still in a supervisory role.

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