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Risk assessment

Our Early Educators are thoroughly trained in safeguarding and this includes understanding how to carry out risk assessments.

  • Before they use a new green space they will have visited and assessed for hazards and risks, taking into consideration:

    • Access to traffic

    • Water hazards

    • Hazards around height - trees to climb and logs to clamber

    • Hazards of children being lost in crowds

  • Needless to say, an Early Educator will only take your child to an outdoor space if they deem that all the risks can be managed or mitigated.

  • Remember your home nursery has strictly a 3 to 1 ratio and so each adult will only ever have responsibility for 3 children at any one time.


Part of risk assessing a new outdoor space will be considering how the children safely travel there.

  • Your Early Educator will mostly walk to green spaces (or get the bus) so as to make the best use of the journey for learning.

    • They use double or even triple buggies, slings, buggy boards and reins to safely walk with up to 3 children of different ages.

    • They are all trained in managing roads safely.

    • They teach the children about road hazards as part of everyday life so the children learn to help manage risks themselves through their behaviour.

    • On buses or trains, children will be in buggies or sitting down.

  • If your Early Educator uses a car they will:

    • Get your explicit permission first.

    • Be fully insured to drive as a childminder.

    • Have appropriate car seats properly fitted.

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