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The main difference between the two roles is that nannies work part-time hours in a family's home. An Early Educator (what we call childminders) looks after children from multiple families in their own homes.

Hours of work

A nanny usually works around 9 hours per week (typically 3 - 6 pm, 3 afternoons a week), but it could be up to 20 hours (typically 3 - 7 pm, Monday to Friday) depending on the nannies availability and the family's needs.

An Early Educator sets their own days of operation, but are all open a minimum of 3 full days a week. Each Early Educator will display their opening hours on their profile on our website.

  • Most home nurseries open from 8 am - 6 pm, but some open earlier at 7.30 am and some close later at 6.30 pm.


With our Koru Kids' Nanny service, we do simple pricing, starting at £13.50 per hour. The rates on our nanny profiles include tax, admin fees and any other extras.

  • We make sure your nanny’s employment is above board with no admin hassle on you. If you share your nanny with another family, they will cost £9 per hour (per family).

  • You can read more about the costs involved with hiring a Koru Kids nanny here.

With our Home Nursery service, the standard fees start from £65 per full day, per child.

  • Some settings may charge slightly more than this - this will be clearly listed on an Early Educator's profile page.

  • You can read more about the fees involved when choosing one of our home nurseries here.

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