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Agreed overtime

Once you start using a home nursery, you will agree to your set days with your Early Educator and these will be written into your contract. Any permanent change will need to be discussed with them and may require a 3 months notice period. Your Early Educator will always try and accommodate you if they can.

If you need a one-off change (e.g. you need an extra day one week), first speak to your Early Educator to see if they can accommodate you. Of course, they will try their best, but they have strict ratios so it may not be possible. If they do take your child for an extra day, you’ll be charged overtime at your hourly rate. This will be added to your next month’s invoice.

If you wish to swap your days one week (but not do any extra hours), again speak to your Early Educator. If they are able to accommodate this, they will not charge you any different (seeing it as a straight swap of days).

Please avoid asking your Early Educator to work on a day their setting isn’t normally open, as this puts them in an awkward situation. They will want to accommodate you but have opted to only open a certain number of days a week, often to preserve their own family life.

Unplanned overtime

Please pay close attention to your home nursery’s opening and closing times. It is unfair on your Early Educator to make a habit of dropping off early or picking up late. This will be charged as overtime at your hourly rate. After a long day, your Early Educator will need time to tidy up and re-charge for the next day of adventures with the children.

Of course, your Early Educator understands that trains can get delayed, cars break down, emergencies happen, and sometimes being late is unavoidable. Please keep in contact with your Early Educator so they understand the situation and know when to expect you. If it is a one-off your Early Educators may waive the overtime fees, but this is at their discretion.

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