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How to book a tour

Once you find a home nursery near you, if you’d like to meet the Early Educator and consider reserving a place for your child, click the ‘Enquire’ button on their website profile.

Organising the tour date and time

Once you’ve enquired, you will automatically receive the contact details of the Early Educator you have enquired about. They will also receive your contact details. This means you can message and/or chat immediately.

Between yourself and the Early Educator, you can then agree on a date and time for you to meet.

Tour location

The Early Educator will usually suggest meeting at a green outdoor space where they and the children frequently visit, so you can get a sense of what a ‘day in the life’ would look like for your child at this home nursery.

They’ll give you specific directions of where to meet and may send you a location pin via WhatsApp so you can find them.

The tour will then proceed to the Early Educator’s home so you can see where the children come back to for their home-cooked lunch and afternoon play.

The Early Educator will show you where children would normally sleep and talk you through the kinds of activities that the children might get up to on a typical day.

Agreeing hours, days and a start date

Once you decide that this is the place for your little one, you can discuss potential start dates and the required days and hours with your Early Educator. You should discuss how the settling sessions will work and whether the Early Educator is able to accept funded hours (if you wish to use them)

  • Our Early Educators’ opening times are listed on their profile on our website. Sometimes they may be willing to accommodate slightly earlier drop-offs or later pick-ups, so it is worth asking.

  • Our Early Educators maybe able to accommodate future bookings if you’d prefer to secure a place for a few months’ time, perhaps because you are currently on maternity or paternity leave.

The Koru Kids team will be in contact with you throughout this period to help you and the Early Educator agree on hours, days and a start date that works for everyone.

Securing a place

Once you’ve agreed on a start date and your monthly hours with your Early Educator, we’ll send you an electronic form to fill out, asking for some further information about you and your child.

We’ll use this to populate a contract which we’ll send electronically via email for your review and signature.

We’ll also ask you for a £150 deposit to secure your child’s place. This will be taken off your final bill when your child leaves the home nursery.

Getting ready to start

As your child’s start date approaches, your Early Educator will be in touch to discuss settling in arrangements to make sure your child has the best possible start at their new home nursery.

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