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All of our Early Educators undergo specialist safe sleep training, in line with the Lullaby Trust guidelines. The key topics that are covered include:

  • The importance of sleep for brain development and learning.

  • How children’s sleep routines need to evolve as they get older.

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the risk factors that should be avoided.

  • Safe sleeping positions:

    • Babies should always be put to sleep on their back, with their feet at the bottom of the cot.

    • Any blankets should be tucked in.

    • Sleeping bags should be a snug fit around the shoulders so they can’t slip up.

  • Safe sleeping environments:

    • Flat, firm mattresses.

    • Clean mattresses with a waterproof layer that can be wiped down and kept clean.

    • Sleeping area clear of toys, other objects or cot bumpers.

    • 18-20°C room temperature.

    • Safe distances from radiators, direct sunlight and any cords or other hazards.

    • Children's heads should be left uncovered so they don’t overheat.

    • No smoking in the house under any circumstances.

  • Tips and tricks to ensure children get the best possible sleep:

    • Quiet spaces, ideally a bedroom, and one room per child if possible.

    • Darkness - heavy curtains and/or blackout blinds.

    • Timing - we aim to nudge your child to have after lunch naps from around 16 months old so that they can take a longer, more restorative, sleep at home.

    • Our approach is centred around avoiding overtiredness.

  • Frequent monitoring of the sleeping child via a sound/video monitor.

  • Working in partnership with parents to help the child get enough sleep and build a regular sleep routine.

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