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Notifying us of any allergies your child may have

A few weeks before your child is due to start at your home nursery, we’ll get in touch and ask you to share details of any food allergies or dietary requirements your child may have.

There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your child’s needs and requirements with your Early Educator before your child starts at their home nursery and they have access to extra training on that specific allergy if needed.

Your Early Educator will keep a written record of your child’s allergy that they can display in their kitchen. They will also make sure that any assistant that works with them is aware of the allergy.

Safe food preparation

Our Early Educators all undergo specialist food hygiene training where they are taught:

  • What the 14 main allergens are, and which foods they are contained in.

  • The importance of checking the ingredients of all food they serve in their setting and keeping detailed records.

  • Avoiding cross-contamination when storing or preparing food through good hygiene practices.

  • We encourage our Early Educators to do additional research and training around your child’s specific allergy ahead of them starting in the setting and they will review their 4-week menu to adapt it to suit your child.

Any assistants in the setting will be fully briefed and trained on safe food preparation and be provided with all the detailed knowledge they need around your child.

First Aid

As part of their paediatric first course, our Early Educators will be taught how to spot allergic reactions and under what circumstances they should call 999.

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