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What's included in the daily fee?

With our Home Nursery service, we have all-inclusive pricing. We know most parents like the convenience of everything being provided, therefore your Early Educator will supply the following:

  • Nappies

  • Wipes

  • Hand wipes

  • Tissues

  • Sudocrem and Metanium

  • High-quality SPF 50 suncream

  • Food and snacks

  • Whole cow’s milk

  • Powdered baby milk

  • Spare clothes to fit all the children if needed

Your Early Educator will let you know on request what brand of product they buy. Feel free to discuss with them about buying a different brand (e.g. if your child is the only child having powdered milk then they may be amenable to having your preferred brand).

There is certain clothing and kit that you’ll need to supply for your child. You can read more about this here.

Bringing supplies from home

You may prefer your Early Educator to use a different brand of product for your child, and this is completely fine. However, it's important to note that if you bring supplies from home, this will not reduce your daily fee.

This may include: different nappies, different creams for nappy rash, different powdered baby milk (including prescription milk), an alternative to cow’s milk, a different suncream due to a sensitivity or allergy.

We ensure everything you bring from home is only used by the child for whom it has been purchased. We ask you to clearly label everything you bring in.

Your Early Educator will discuss with you the quantity that is best for you to bring in and the frequency to restock.

  • Remember your home nursery is your Early Educator’s home and so they may not wish to store big boxes of products, so they will ask you to bring a sensible quantity at a sensible frequency (e.g. 15 nappies a week).

  • They will let you know if supplies are running low.

Bringing food from home

  • Some parents (especially if you are managing an allergy or wish your child to have a vegetarian diet) might prefer to send food with their child.

    • Speak to your Early Educator about your child’s dietary requirements and see what they are able to accommodate. They often try to cater for all children but naturally, you may both agree it is easier for you to send food.

    • All Early Educators have received training in food hygiene, so will be cognisant of reheating safely etc.

Puddle trousers & jackets

We recommend that in every season your child wears a set of bib-and-brace (puddle) trousers. These protect their lower half from damp logs and grass - which prevails even in the summer.

  • These trousers give the most flexibility between the seasons.

    • In the winter they can be worn with thick layers underneath and a jacket.

    • On dryer days they can work without a jacket, just over a jumper or t-shirt.

The British weather is very variable and so we recommend that a layering approach is better to help adapt a child’s outfit each day (or even each hour) to the seasons.

  • Puddle trousers and a jacket can work in all weathers with more or fewer layers underneath when needed.

  • Our kit list provides you with details of what to buy to follow this method.

  • If you prefer your child to wear a snowsuit in winter, you can provide this of course. You will need to take it home to wash as our Early Educators do not like having the responsibility of individual washing instructions.

To read more about the kit we need you to provide see this article.

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