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What are Childcare Vouchers?

  • Childcare Vouchers allow you to pay for childcare out of your pre-tax income, making it cheaper for parents.

How do I get Childcare Vouchers?

  • The Childcare Vouchers scheme was closed to new entrants in October 2018, but some parents who enrolled before that date may still have some valid vouchers. You can read more about this on the government website.

Can I use Childcare Vouchers as payment?

  • We are able to accept Childcare Vouchers as payment for our home nurseries. Please contact the Koru Kids team to set this up.

  • Each month once we’ve been able to validate your Childcare Vouchers we’ll refund that portion of your invoice.

  • Please note, if you employ a Koru Kids nanny you may not be able to pay using Childcare Vouchers. You can read more about this here.

If I’m not eligible for Childcare Vouchers, what other government schemes do you offer?

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