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Superior training = outstanding Early Educators

  • The breadth and depth of training mandated by Ofsted for childminders are fairly limited, and we think that risks newly trained childminders not having the skills and confidence to do a great job of caring for children.

  • In contrast, at Koru Kids we decided to significantly increase the scope of training we require our Early Educators to do before we introduce them to families. We believe this equips them to be outstanding childcare providers who can help your children flourish, and give you peace of mind as a parent.

  • We provide all of our training free to our Early Educators, so there is no incentive for them to skimp on training to save money.

Our extensive training program

We require our Early Educators to complete the following training modules before we allow them to care for children through Koru Kids:

  • Safeguarding - how to keep children safe, and spot signs of abuse and neglect

  • Paediatric First Aid

  • Food hygiene & menu planning

  • Early Years Foundation Stage: Learning & Development - how to deliver the same curriculum delivered in nurseries and reception

  • Early Years Foundation Stage: Welfare Requirements - how to ensure an Early Educator’s practice helps the child to thrive

  • Safe Sleep

  • Positive Behaviour Management

  • Outdoor Learning - how to create an everyday learning adventure in the outdoor spaces near your home

  • Home Setup training - how to ensure an Early Educator’s home is a wonderful and enabling learning environment

  • Record-keeping - the records and paperwork they need to keep

  • Day-to-day operations - instilling best practices for how to run their home nursery

We also give our Early Educators access to a wealth of training materials at no additional cost, covering topics including:

  • Child development

  • Advanced first aid

  • Special Educational Needs

  • Baby sign language

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