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Koru Kids is an Ofsted accredited Childminder Agency

Koru Kids is an Ofsted accredited Childminder Agency.

This allows us to train, qualify and inspect Early Educators (what we call our childminders) in accordance with processes and standards that we have agreed with Ofsted.

Koru Kids is regularly inspected by Ofsted to re-confirm our status as a safe and effective childminder regulator.

Please note, the vast majority of Koru Kids nannies will not be registered due to the part-time nature of their roles. The cost and time to register usually outweighs the savings parents could make by using Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare. You can read more about this here.

Early Educators are registered with Koru Kids rather than Ofsted

Rather than registering directly with Ofsted, our Early Educators have decided to register as a childminder through Koru Kids.

They have chosen to do this because we provide superior training, support and a whole range of services (e.g. handling parent billing, tax-free childcare administration, training assistants, insurance, customer service, legal and policy updates) which allow our Early Educators to focus all their energy and passion on the most important bit - looking after your child.

Regular Early Educator inspections & quality gradings

Our Early Educators are inspected annually by an experienced Koru Kids quality assessor, who will rigorously evaluate their practice and ensure they are effectively delivering the EYFS.

  • Directly registered childminders are often only inspected every 5-6 years so we see our oversight as far superior.

Early Educators will receive a grade from us after each annual inspection (e.g. outstanding), and we will publish this on their profile on our website so you can see for yourself how fantastic their home nursery is.

  • Our grades are benchmarked against Ofsted’s quality grades.

  • Where we can see opportunities for improvement we will suggest to our Early Educators that they take supplemental training to strengthen their skills or confidence in a particular area.

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