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We know that you’ll have some questions about your contract, and that’s perfectly normal. The terms of our standard contract are designed to be fair to all parties involved. The terms of our contract help give parents security and confidence that you have top quality childcare at a reasonable price, whilst helping our Early Educators earn a decent living for the amazing work they do.

The Koru Kids team are always here to help answer any questions you may have.

Minimum hours & days

  • You are required to commit to at least 3 half (5 hour) days to secure a place for your child at a home nursery. This is so that our Early Educators are not left with ‘awkward’ time slots that they can’t fill.

  • Only when a home nursery has a number of ‘full time’ children and there are only remaining ‘awkward’ time slots that need filling, would an Early Educator contemplate accepting a request for anything less than 3 half days.

  • Likewise, if an Early Educator operates all year round and you only require a term-time space, they are unlikely to agree to this, since they would find it very difficult to fill the hours during the holidays. We do have some term-time only Early Educators though, so we may be able to match you with one.

Early drop-off or late pick-up

  • Each Early Educator lists their standard opening hours on their profile on our website.

  • If you require a drop-off or pick-up time that is outside of this, we suggest you ask your Early Educator if this might be possible. They will try to accommodate your request if they can, but often they’ve chosen to limit their hours to draw a clear boundary between their work and personal life so won’t always be able to say yes.

  • Drop off after 9 am will not usually be possible as this will restrict them from heading out on their morning adventures.

Hourly rate

Other contract terms

  • If you wish to discuss other elements of your childcare agreement, please speak to the Koru Kids team.

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