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Legal ratio requirements

The number of children under 8 must not exceed 6 children.

  • Of these six, no more than three can be “Young Children” (a child is a “Young Child” until the September after they turn 5).

  • Of these three Young Children, no more than one can be under 12 months old.

  • The exception to this is:

    • If children are at school, nursery, or preschool during school hours (9 am to 3 pm) and they only attend the Home Nursery before or after school, or if children only need care during the school holidays. In this case, they can have up to 6 children.

This is why you'll be asked to record your child's arrival and departure time in the Early Educator’s register. This will ensure that they have a paper trail for their Koru Kids inspections to prove they are operating within their allowed ratios.

  • Please speak to Koru Kids if you think an Early Educator is exceeding their ratios.

The importance of timely drop-off and pick-up

Your Early Educator must not exceed their ratios even for a short period of time, and so if children on half-days ‘cross over’ or you arrive in the morning when the Early Educator’s own children have not yet left for the school run with a relative, then there can be a problem.

  • It is therefore important to arrive for drop-off and pick-up at the agreed time to avoid situations like this occurring.

  • If you are running unavoidably early or late, please let the Early Educator know as soon as you can. This will give them some time to try and solve the issue in advance.

Early Educators can care for more children with an assistant

If an Early Educator works with a qualified childminding assistant (trained by Koru Kids), then they can double the number of children they look after.

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