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Your Early Educator is the first port of call for most things

Your day to day relationship is primarily with your Early Educator so in most instances they are the best person to speak to.

Speak to your Early Educator about:

  • Your child and their needs

  • Questions about their setting, the activities and the routine

  • Informing them of illness

  • Informing them of holidays

  • Letting them know when to expect drop-offs and pick-ups

  • One-off swapping of days if required

Changes to long term arrangements

Whilst Koru Kids will ultimately need to be informed of any changes to your long term arrangements, for billing purposes, it is best to initially speak to your Early Educator.

For example speak to them when:

  • You wish to permanently change your days - including adding or reducing days.

  • To provide advanced notice of your child leaving the setting - please discuss this with your Early Educator as soon as you have an inkling - even if it's not set in stone. The minimum notice period is 8 weeks.

  • You wish to enrol a second child into the setting.

Speaking to your Early Educator first means that they can give you immediate feedback on whether your request can be accommodated and discuss any flexibility that can be arranged between you.

Once the arrangement is settled, your Early Educator will contact Koru Kids to let us know and Koru Kids will contact you to confirm the changes, before making the necessary adjustments to your billing.

Contact Koru Kids about billing, invoicing and funding

Koru Kids Customer Support team deals with all your admin, billing and invoicing so that your Early Educator can focus on their childcare role.

  • Please avoid bothering your Early Educator with billing queries as they are not really in a position to help you with it.

  • The Koru Kids team can be reached on the phone every weekday and we always promptly reply to emails. Contact us when:

    • Your invoice is not correct or you have questions

    • You need to update your bank details

    • You need to let us know there is an issue with making payment

Koru Kids is also here to help you claim any government funding you are entitled to. Contact us when:

  • You are unsure what you are entitled to (e.g. Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers, 15/30 Funded Hours programs) and how to claim.

  • You will need to inform us of your eligibility code (30 Funded Hours program) and any changes in your eligibility.

  • You need to let us know which scheme to use for Childcare Vouchers.

Contact Koru Kids Childcare Quality Coaches for personal support

If you have questions about your child settling in, or something that you don't know how to raise with your Early Educator, we have a dedicated team of childcare experts ready to support you and your Early Educator. You can read more about the team here.

Complaints & safeguarding concerns

In the rare instances that you have a concern or a complaint, you should not hesitate to share this.

  • If it is a minor concern it is always best to be transparent and honest with your Early Educator at the earliest opportunity.

    • Mention your concern at pick-up and start a discussion.

    • Arrange a time to speak with them later in the evening or in person over the weekend if your discussion warrants more time or you are concerned about privacy at pick-up.

  • If it is a more serious complaint or concern we suggest you put it in writing.

    • You can email your Early Educator directly (copying in Koru Kids if you prefer).

    • If you prefer you can email Koru Kids and we will manage the complaint on your behalf with your Early Educator.

    • Koru Kids and your Early Educator have formal complaints handling procedures which you can read about here.

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