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All Early Educators are trained in safeguarding by experienced Koru Kids early years professionals, and we have robust internal procedures to complement this training. Promoting children’s safety and welfare is our utmost priority.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

  • Each Early Educator is the DSL of their home nursery. This means they have primary responsibility for liaising with other professionals involved in a child’s care, and that they also have overall responsibility for ensuring the training is up to date for any assistants they work with.

Koru Kids safeguarding panel

  • Koru Kids has its own internal safeguarding panel which is a confidential source of advice for Early Educators, and to which they must refer any concerns, complaints or incidents of a safeguarding nature.

  • The Koru Kids safeguarding panel consists of experienced professionals with many years of safeguarding experience.

Early Educator training & checks

  • Early Educators must complete specialist safeguarding training led by experienced early years experts. Amongst other things, this training covers:

    • Administering medication

      • As a parent, you will be required to consent to any medication that needs to be administered.

    • Risk assessment

    • Injuries and accidents

      • As a parent, you will be required to confirm the details of any injuries children sustain whilst at home or in the Early Educator’s setting.

    • First aid and emergencies

    • Promoting safe sleep environments

    • Identifying and preventing bullying

    • Identifying child sexual abuse including FGM and breast ironing

    • Identifying emotional abuse and violence towards children

    • Identifying child neglect

    • Identifying radicalisation & County Lines (drugs)

    • Safe photography

    • Internet safety

    • Visitors to the home

  • Early Educators must regularly refresh their safeguarding knowledge every 12 months, and as part of their ongoing professional development, most will choose to access additional training on top of this.

  • All of our Early Educators, their family members that live with them and their qualified assistants are DBS checked and have registered for the update service, allowing Koru Kids to conduct regular ongoing checks on their records.

  • Early Educators must also complete training in safe sleep, food hygiene and paediatric first aid to ensure they are able to provide a safe environment for the children they care for.

Referrals to Koru Kids and local authorities

  • Early Educators must refer any allegations or complaints received against them, their assistant or their family to Koru Kids immediately.

  • All safeguarding concerns must be reported to both Koru Kids and the local authority safeguarding team.

  • All referred issues will be thoroughly investigated by our safeguarding panel, who will work with the local authority safeguarding team and other professionals where required.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Early Educators will work closely with families to identify any special educational needs as soon as possible and ensure appropriate adjustments can be made to promote the welfare of the child in question.

  • Where the Early Educator may need some additional training to deliver the best quality of care for the child in question, Koru Kids and the local authority will coordinate to ensure that this training is made available.

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