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DBS checks

  • We carry out enhanced DBS checks on everyone over the age of 16 who lives with our Early Educators. DBS checks are criminal record checks.

    • They are also required to sign up for the DBS update service, which means that Koru Kids can check the status of their DBS check at any point.

    • We will check the DBS status of all our Early Educators and any adults who live with them at least every 6 months.

  • Early Educators are required to let Koru Kids know if anyone in their household turns 16, or if anyone over the age of 16 moves into their household. We will then carry out a new DBS check for those individuals.

  • The safeguarding panel at Koru Kids will review the results of the DBS checks, and if there is any cause for concern we will not accept the candidate.

Social services checks

  • We carry out social services checks on all of our Early Educators.

  • Local authorities will pass on any relevant information they hold on the Early Educator or anyone else who lives with them.

  • This will be reviewed by the safeguarding panel at Koru Kids, and if there is any cause for concern, we will not accept the candidate.

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