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Our Early Educators are made aware of the following policies before their pre-registration assessment. They understand that they need to become familiar with these policies before opening their setting.

Safeguarding Policy

  • The Safeguarding Policy outlines how an Early Educator will put their training on child welfare into practice should any issues arise.

  • We recommend that Early Educators keep a printed copy of the Safeguarding Policy accessible in their setting for them to reference.

  • They know to report concerns and issues to their Local Safeguarding Board and to Koru Kids.

  • Where they suspect there is a risk to child welfare or there is a complaint made against them, they will report this immediately to their Local Safeguarding Board and Koru Kids.

Medication Policy

  • An Early Educator must have parental permission to administer any medication.

  • All medication, including their own, must be kept safely out of the reach of children.

  • All prescription medication administered to children must have their name on it.

  • When a child starts a course of new medication, they should not come to the home nursery setting for 24 hours afterwards in order to ensure that any adverse reactions occur whilst they are in their parents’ care.

Our Early Educators will be diligent in their record keeping in line with the Medication Policy.

  • If you ask an Early Educator to administer prescription medicine for a child, you will need to complete your half of the medication form at the start of the day

  • Throughout the day, the Early Educator will need to make a record of the medication that they administer on a medication form and the times etc.

  • You will be asked to sign this form at the end of each day the Early Educator gives the medicine.

  • The Early Educator will use one form per medication.

  • They can use the same form for the same medication over a number of days whilst the child completes the course.

  • They will start a new form for a new course of medicine - even if it's a medication the child has had before.

Complaints Policy

  • The Complaints Policy outlines how our Early Educators will handle any complaints received against them.

  • We suggest they keep a printed copy of the Complaints Policy available for you to view.

  • They are encouraged to write down the details of any complaints and report them immediately to Koru Kids.

    • Where a complaint is of a safeguarding nature, this should also be reported immediately to their Local Safeguarding Board.

    • Early Educators are encouraged to keep copies of the details of any complaints made against them.

Koru Kids will investigate and handle all complaints in a fair way.

  • We will take the time to get an Early Educator's side of the story as well as speak to the person who made the complaint and any other relevant parties.

  • In determining the outcome of a complaint, child welfare is our utmost priority. We also place a high priority on professional standards to maintain the integrity of the Koru Kids brands and the success of their fellow Early Educators.

  • Whilst we reserve the right to cancel an Early Educator's registration with Koru Kids following a serious complaint, we must emphasise that this is the last resort - we have no interest in unnecessarily penalising our Early Educators if there is a more constructive and appropriate solution.

Data Protection Policy

Due to the nature of the role, our Early Educators will be responsible for handling highly sensitive information - both written and photographic - relating to both the children in their care and their parents.

  • Our Early Educators are aware that they should take the utmost care to prevent unwanted access to this information and make sure it is kept secure.

  • They also know not to share any of this information with anyone apart from Koru Kids or the relevant family without the parent’s written permission.

Some key points of the Data Protection Policy to highlight:

  • Our Early Educators know to secure their devices with a strong password.

  • They need to use a firewall and anti-virus software on any laptop or desktop computer.

  • They should not use any unsecured wi-fi networks without a VPN connection.

  • They should make sure they have your permission to share any of your information (including photos) with anyone apart from Koru Kids.

  • They know to inform Koru Kids immediately if they lose any device containing sensitive data.

  • They will keep paper-based records in a locked place.

  • They will delete photos of children from their phones when they stop working with a family.

  • If they lose a device containing Koru Kids data or suspect their data has been accessed by someone who is unauthorised, they know to immediately contact Koru Kids.

  • If you would like your Early Educator to delete your data, please contact Koru Kids directly about this at care@korukids.co.uk.

By following Koru Kids' procedures (rather than deciding for themselves how data is processed) an Early Educator is able to work under Koru Kids’ ICO registration rather than needing to register themselves.

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