This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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How to prepare for your assessment visit

(Please note that the video mentions the 'pre-registration visit' which is now known as the 'assessment visit')

Read on below for more information about your assessment visit.


How do I book my assessment visit?

You don’t need to do anything to book your assessment visit. One of our assessors will get in touch with you to book a convenient day and time for your visit.

This visit takes place in your home. When picking a date and time for your visit, please ensure that you'll be able to show all parts of your home to the assessor.

How long will the visit take?

Your assessment visit will take at least 3 hours, sometimes it can take longer. Please make sure that you will be available for the full duration of the visit - the assessors cannot wait for you to do the school run! Making sure you have all your documentation to hand and that you've fully prepared will help your visit to run smoothly.

What will I be asked on the day?

During your assessment visit, you'll be asked questions about all of the training you have completed - including safeguarding, safe sleep and food hygiene.

You'll need to give a tour of your property to the assessor, including any areas that you'll be using for childminding.

How can I prepare for my assessment visit?

We recommend that you do the following to prepare for your assessment visit:

  • Go over the EYFS

  • Go over all training and notes you've taken so far

  • Make sure your home is clean and safe. It's important that you've identified any risks to children and thought about what to do to address them before the visit

  • Have two activities planned, one for a 1-year-old and one for a 4-year-old. These should be linked to the EYFS and the characteristics of effective learning.

  • Make sure you have all the following documents ready for the day:

    • Proof of address (2 letters in your name dated within the last 3 months)

    • Any documentation showing your name changes (marriage, adoption, divorce certificates)

    • Chronology of where you've worked and/or gaps in employment since full-time education ceased

    • Photographic identity documents (passport/driving licence)

    • DBS certificates for your whole household (anyone living with you over the age 16)

    • Copies of your policies:

Who can I speak to if I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the assessment visit?

The Childcare Quality Team is here to support you throughout your journey to become an Early Educator. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your assessment visit, you can tap 'Support' in the app to chat with us.

What happens at the end of the visit? Will I be a registered Early Educator?

We'll let you know the results of your visit a few days after we've come to your property, if not on the day.

If you pass the assessment visit, meaning that you've done well during the visit, you'll progress to the next stage of our registration process. You will receive your registration certificate when you have passed your visit, and we've received your background checks back from the local authority, as long as they are clear.

If we haven’t received the checks yet, then you'll become registered if and when the checks come back clear.

If we think there are certain things that need to be improved, we might ask you to redo part of your training before we organise a second visit.

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