This help centre article was written for registered Early Educators running their home nursery with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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Who can file a concern or complaint

  • Anyone who has a concern about a child’s welfare can raise a concern or a complaint about a childminder, a household member or any person living or working on the premises where children are cared for.

  • Anyone who has a complaint they wish to raise with regards to a decision made by Rua Kids which affects them.

Informal process

If you have a concern that can be dealt with informally please raise this confidentially with the Customer Service team, by calling 0208 050 5678 or emailing, and they will be happy to give advice.

Formal Process

Stage 1

If you have a concern that either cannot be raised using the informal process as it is too serious or you are not satisfied with the informal process, please raise the concern as below:

  1. A complaint can be made by sending an email to this address:, or by writing to Rua Kids at:

Koru Kids,

128 City Road,



2. A senior member of management, or our Designated Safeguarding Officer, will contact you to discuss your complaint.

3. If necessary an investigation will be conducted. The outcome of the investigation will be notified to the complainant within 28 days.

Stage 2

Within 28 days of receiving our response, if you are not happy with the outcome following the stage 1 process you should:

1. Write to Rachel Carrell CEO detailing the reasons that you are unsatisfied.

2. The complaint will be investigated and the outcome of the investigation will be shared with the complainant within 28 days.

Stage 3

If following stages 1 and 2 there is still dissatisfaction then Ofsted can be contacted via telephone 0300 123 123 1 or at the following address:

The National Business Unit,


Piccadilly Gate,

Store Street Manchester

M1 2WD

Confidentiality and Data Protection

When handling the complaint, all information provided by the family and the childminder will be dealt with the required confidentiality, all according to our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy.

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