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The majority of parents start looking for childcare 12 weeks in advance of their proposed start date. This means you should look for families ahead of when you need your spaces to be filled so that you don't have gaps in your earnings.

Whether you're just starting out as an Early Educator, or you're looking to build a waitlist for the future, here are our top tips for marketing your home nursery.

The bread and butter basics:

  • Making a profile and messaging families on

  • Commenting in and posting on your local Facebook groups

  • Go to your local stay and plays, rhyme times or baby classes and let all the parents know you're a local childminder

  • Contact your local primary schools and ask to be advertised

  • Hand out your flyers and put them on local noticeboards — think farmers markets, playgrounds, after baby classes, noticeboards in supermarkets and the community etc.

  • Advertise on your local authority website's list of childminders

  • List your services on directories such as, Nextdoor,, and

  • Ask to run a play session at your local community centre - what about storytime, forest learning or Montessori play?

  • Make an instagram and use your Facebook page to build your own community

Once you've starting working with families, they can help you spread word of mouth. Parents trust other parents above all else! Do the following to keep finding more families or to build your waitlist:

  • Ask your families to leave you a review on your Google profile

  • Ask your families to leave you a review on (you can appear higher in search results if you have reviews)

  • Ask your families to recommend you to their friends — this might be via Whatsapp groups or in person.

  • Ask your families to post recommending you in local Facebook groups. Their friend list will be different to yours, so it will reach a new group of people who might not have seen your posts.

  • Get a car sticker or branded windscreen sun shade made for your car if you have one

  • Put a flyer or poster in your front window

  • Get yourself a branded tshirt and get the children branded tabards to wear at Stay & Plays or in the park.

Remember, parents want their kids to socialise with other children, so it benefits them for you to have a full home nursery. They will probably be very happy to help. You could make it standard practice that when someone gives notice in your setting, you ask if they can recommend someone to fill the space.

Need more info on any of the above? There's a full explanation in your marketing pack, or you can drop us an email.

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