This help centre article was written for Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

We understand that leaving your little one with someone new can be a scary and overwhelming experience, and no matter how much other people (or yourself) tell you it will be fine, you still want to be 110% confident that your child will be looked after and loved as much as you love them. You want someone who will know what your baby needs when they make that cute little snuffle when they’re tired or someone who will appreciate your toddlers' crazy sense of humour. All the little things that make your child unique, clever, and special.

This is where asking the right questions when looking for a childminder can help. It’s important that you and your child feel listened to and acknowledged when meeting a childminder for the first time.

Here are some questions that you may want to ask:

  • How do you ensure the safety of the children in your care?

  • What experience do you have?

  • What do you enjoy about working with children?

  • Where will the children spend most of their time, and what activities do you provide?

  • How will we be informed of our child’s day?

  • If a grandparent or other family member/friend wants to pick our child up, can they?

  • How do you manage children’s behaviour?

  • How do you support children’s learning and development?

  • What types of meals and snacks do you provide? Do you cater for children with allergies and/or dietary requirements?

  • If my child is upset, how will you comfort them?

  • What can I expect during settling my child? How can I support them with the transition from home to setting?

  • What happens if you or your own children are unwell?

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