How to run early tours for families

Guidance on how to get your home nursery ready for parent tours

Written by Bonnie Kruger
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This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

Once you’ve set up a profile on our website, you’ll be able to start connecting with families. We’ll send you some top tips for chatting with them, and it’s important to note that you don’t need to wait until your home is set up before inviting families around for a tour.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when touring with families before your home set up is complete:


  • When speaking to prospective families, invite them to your home so that you can meet with them and give them a tour of your setting.

  • Here’s an example of what you could say:

“You're welcome to visit my home for a quick tour. It hasn't had the full makeover yet, so a lot will change before I open. I will be adding (insert items - toys, table and chairs etc.), but at least you'll get a good feel for the location and size. Then we'll also get a chance to meet, and I can tell you more about my home nursery and my background. I'll let you know as soon as my home nursery has had its makeover so you can see it for yourself.”


  • Make sure your home is clean, tidy and safe for children

  • Top tip: parents will care much more about seeing you bond with their child than they will about many other things, so if they bring their child to the tour, make sure you really pay attention to their child and engage with them.


  • Managing parent expectations is crucial, so being transparent with families about what your space will ultimately look like in detail is really helpful for prospective parents.

  • Tell them about the layout of your space and the toys and items that will be in your setting

  • Walk parents around each space in your home, and talk in detail about how things will be set up.

    For example:

    • “This is where the kids will sleep. I'm going to have sleeping mats and a cot in this room with a nightlight and white noise to help the little ones feel safe”

    • Where they will eat

    • Where the toilets/changing space will be

    • Where the main play space is

    • Any outdoor areas available

  • Top tip: if there's a lot to do before your home is ready, and you don't think it's presentable right now, arrange to meet with parents at a local playground or nearby green space instead. Explain that you're having your home renovated and decorated so you'll send them pictures of the setting later.

  • Here is a list of possible questions families may ask, so be sure to prepare your answers in advance.


  • Ask the parents for feedback following their tour.

  • This is a great way to learn parents' expectations and continue growing as an Early Educator.

We are always happy to help with any questions or concerns. Just email or head to the ‘Support’ tab on the app to speak with one of our team.

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