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Summary of safeguarding policy and how to report issues

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This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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The policy

You need to become familiar with your Safeguarding Policy.

  • Your Safeguarding Policy outlines how you will put your training on child welfare into practice should any issues arise.

  • We will email you a copy of your Safeguarding Policy before your pre-assessment visit.

  • At your assessment visit, your assessor will ask you about your Safeguarding Policy.

  • We strongly recommend you keep a printed copy of your Safeguarding Policy accessible in your setting for reference.

  • You should also keep up to date with any changes to your Local Safeguarding Board regularly.

  • It is also good practice to review your policy annually, and sign and date in doing so.

Reporting issues

You should report concerns and issues to your Local Safeguarding Board and Koru Kids.

  • Where you suspect there is a risk to child welfare, you should report this immediately to your Local Safeguarding Board and Koru Kids.

  • If there is a complaint made against you, or any adult in your household, you should report this to your local Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and Koru Kids.

  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead at Koru Kids is Laura Hoyland.


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