Guidelines for taking holiday
Guidelines for taking a holiday including advice on how to manage your holiday pay, notice periods for parents and compassionate leave
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This help centre article was written for registered Early Educators running their home nursery with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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Holiday allowance

Your earnings include money you could set aside to cover 20 holiday days.

Our standard contract requires families to pay for 20 days of holiday, including bank holidays (there are 8 bank holidays per year in England). The 20 days are pro-rated if you operate your Home Nursery part-time.

  • The holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

  • This means you have 20 weekdays a year where the extra earnings you make during the year can be used by you to cover the cost of having your setting closed (pro-rated if you join part way through the year).

  • If you choose to take any additional holiday days over and above this allowance, these days would not be accounted for in your earnings—families will not pay extra fees for these days. As you are self-employed, it is your right to do this, but we advise you to avoid it wherever possible, as parents rely on you for childcare and will have to make alternative arrangements. It will impact your relationship with your families.

Holiday Pot

Families will not pay you while you are on holiday. Instead, they will contribute small amounts towards your holiday pay each month which we will collect on your behalf and pass on to you. This means that you will be earning:

  • Your 'normal' rates; plus

  • The equivalent of 1.66 extra days of work (per family, and pro-rated if a child attends your home nursery part-time).

You should put this extra money aside to constitute a 'holiday pot'.

Over the months you take a holiday, the days you take off will be deducted from your monthly pay (because you would have received the money in advance!)

When your Home Nursery is closed, for instance on a bank holiday, you will not be paid for that day either (you will have received the money in advance as this is included in the 1.66 days that the family pay extra each month).

Example: You start working on the 1st January 2022. You are looking after 3 children from 3 different families. All the children attend your Home Nursery on a full-time basis.


  • In January you receive your regular monthly earnings, plus the equivalent of 1.66 extra days of work (each family pay 1.66 extra days at their daily rate).

  • The 3rd of January is a bank holiday, so it's deducted from your remittance given that your Home Nursery will be closed.


  • In February, you take 1 day off.

  • That month, you receive your regular monthly earnings, plus 1.66 extra days of work per family, pro-rated.

  • The day you take off in February is deducted from your invoice.

  • If you have put the extra money you received in January aside, you can then use that 'holiday pot' in February to cover for your day off.

If you don't take all of your holiday entitlement throughout the year, you'll simply have some extra cash in your pocket!

How funded hours can impact your holiday

If you take holiday outside of term-time this does not impact the funded hours payment you receive directly, and for this reason we do recommend that you try to use your holiday during the standard UK school holidays.

However, if you do need to take time off during term-time, this means you may have already received funding direct from your Local Authority for those days. Because this funding will not be used while your setting is closed for your holiday, you may need to return the relevant unused funds to the Local Authority.

It is your responsibility to ensure this the relevant process has been followed. Because the Local Authority pays you directly for funded hours, Koru Kids has no visibility on payments you have received or refunded and we therefore cannot monitor the return of these funds.

When to take a holiday

You can decide when to take a holiday, but we recommend only taking 2 weeks off in a row, and once per term, unless you obtain explicit agreement from the families who attend your home nursery.


You need to give families notice of your holidays.

To make sure that families have enough time to make alternative childcare arrangements, we ask you to warn them as far in advance as possible about any planned holidays.

  • Please give 2 months’ written warning to families of any holiday longer than 4 days.

  • Please give 1 month’s written warning to families of any holiday of 3 days or less.

  • Please ensure that you update this time off in your app so that we may invoice families correctly and you receive the correct remittance.

If families agree in writing, you can take a holiday at shorter notice than the warning periods outlined above.

Compassionate leave

If you need to close your setting for compassionate leave please log this in the app as a setting closure.

You will not be paid by parents if you close your setting

You should communicate clearly with parents about how long you intend to take as compassionate leave so that they are able to plan for childcare provision

Our Childcare Quality Coaches are available should you need any additional support.


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