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Negotiating pay rates and hiring a Koru Kids nanny outside Koru Kids
Negotiating pay rates and hiring a Koru Kids nanny outside Koru Kids

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Written by Yasmin Wahab
Updated over a week ago

Can I negotiate a pay rate with the nanny?

We know busy families like to keep things simple—so we assess the experience level of our nannies and set their rate for them. You can see their rate on the profile. When using Koru Kids, you will pay a one off employer set up fee of £129 and after that, you'll pay £14 to £19 per hour.

The flat hourly rate you pay is through Koru Kids, and it’s comprehensive—the majority will cover your nanny's gross wages. The rest covers our services, and the ongoing costs of becoming an employer.

From time to time our prices might appear higher. That’s because if there aren’t enough nannies near you, we’re trying to find more by increasing nanny wages.

Can I hire a nanny I find on Koru Kids, outside of Koru Kids?

In short, no. When you signed up to Koru Kids, you agreed to our Terms & Conditions which include using Koru Kids to hire a nanny you find through us. We don’t charge any fees to use our platform, like other childcare sites do. We add our service charge and finders fee to your hourly rate rather than charge a large upfront fee like other nanny agencies.

Alongside this, we take care of everything and provide nannies with public liability insurance that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

If you do decide to hire a Koru Kids nanny outside of Koru Kids, we charge a £1500 fee. You’ll also need to insure your nanny directly, pay your nanny holiday pay, contribute to their pension (if required) and submit their tax through HRMC. And it goes without saying that paying your nanny ‘cash in hand’ is illegal in the UK.

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