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What are the service types available?
What are the service types available?
Written by Zig Lim
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Kosmo allows you to access any kind of delivery type within your country. You can simplify your logistics by using different delivery types directly via our api and platform. We can also help you start offering new delivery types to your final customers.


Pick Up

Drop Off

Use Cases


As soon as possible

Within 30-60 mins

Food, E-commerce, Pharmacy, Flowers

4 hours

Within 2h

Within 4h

Catering, Meal Plans, E-commerce, Pharmacy, Flowers

Next Day

Within Same Day

Within Next Day

E-commerce, Pharmacy, Flowers

1-3 Days

Within 24h

Within 3 Days


You will only be able to place Next Day and 1-3 Days orders via our upload feature or via API.

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