How do I place multiple order using the bulk upload feature?
Written by Zig Lim
Updated over a week ago

Making multiple orders fast is easier and faster with the bulk order feature! Please follow the below steps to make sure that your orders are placed correctly.

  1. In our Kosmo page, click on "Bulk Order" to gain access to the feature.

  2. Download the excel template provided.

  3. Fill in the tab "Kosmo Template" while taking note of the instructions in the "Instructions" tab.

  4. Save your file, and upload your excel (XLSX format) to our portal.

  5. You will be able to see a list of orders you have uploaded

  6. You can assign the orders to providers manually. Alternatively, you can make use of our dispatch rules to automate your order assignment. You can read more about automating your order assignment here.

  7. Click on "Confirm Quote" and the orders will be placed .

You will be able to upload up to 50 deliveries using this feature.

Please make sure that your template is filled out correctly with the correct drop-off addresses.

Please do not change the formatting of the template as it may cause errors during the upload.

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