Your eMoyo software have been Installed / upgraded to eMoyo4.0

1. When you log in your username will be your email address and you can choose and enter a password of your choice.

1.1 If the software don't allow you to enter a password of your choice, please try: emoyo123

1.2 Then click gear button in the top right hand corner and click

2. On your desktop there is a "eMoyo 4_0 User Manual (rev 01).pdf" userguide and "KUDUwave 5000 User Manual.pdf" user manual. Please go through it.

They can also be downloaded from this site:

3. Also if you open chrome you will see we set 4 homepages for you.

3.1. The eMoyo Support page where you can log support tickets or Live chat with support.

3.2. The eMoyo Online Academy which is a platform for e-learning where eMoyo clients can be trained and certified on KUDUwave proficiency and how to get started with your KUDUwave.

3.3. eMoyo Password reset page where you can reset your eMoyo4.0 software pasword or your eMoyo server password which you need to open audiogram links that will be emailed to you.

3.4. where you can book online demonstrations or further training.

4. If it is the first time that you are connecting the KUDUwave to the laptop, please follow the instructions: Start up: Hardware & Assembly

5. When a KUDUwave is connected to a any laptop for the first time, please run the Magic Button to make sure the sound settings is correct.

The Magic Button is part of the KUDUwave Health Check program to help the user to solve most common errors with the click of two buttons.

5.1. Click on the

Healthcheck Dashboard icon in the top righthand corner of the software

or on the task bar at the bottom

5.2. Click "Stage 1 Magic Button"

5.3. Now wait for the Magic Button to do it's thing. If you see this message, you can go on and start testing.

5.4. If not, close everything and run the Magic Button again. Also remember that if you get errors when testing, close everything and run the Magic Button.

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