1. Tap the Windows key on the keyboard


2. Now type "Sound" and left click on "Sound"

3. There should be at least three speakers listed.

Both that start with "GA1043" in their name is the KUDUwaves. (Green arrows)

Right click on the third speaker. (Red Arrow)

4. Now left click on "Set as Default Device"

5. Right click again on this speaker and this time left click on "Set as Default Communication Device". Click "OK"

6. Now Double click "GA1043 Codec Left"

6.1 Click "Advanced" Tab

6.2 Click the drop down menu and click: "16bit, 48000Hz (DVD Quality)" followed by "Apply" and "OK"

6.3 Repeat for "GA1043 Codec Right"

7. Sound levels

7.1 Click "Levels"

7.2 Make sure and adjust the sound level to 95

7.3 Repeat for "GA1043 Codec Right"

8. Alternatively you can open the KwHealthCheck Dashboard and run "Stage 1 Magic Button"

Please look at the article:

Using the Magic Button

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