eMoyo 4.0 Terms and Conditions 

 You will be / have been upgraded to the latest version of emoyo 4.0 software for the Kuduwave. A feature of this software is secure online storage of patient records. Access to emoyo 4.0 secure online storage solution is granted under the following terms:

Access to a private patient information is controlled by a User Account Name and a Password.
The safekeeping and protection of the Password and Account Name is your responsibility.
Because unauthorized use of your Account Name and Password could jeopardize the privacy of patient information we require that you agree to be solely responsible for the safekeeping and protection of that password and any use thereof, and you indemnify eMoyoDotNet (Pty) Ltd and hold it harmless against any claim or action by any party arising from unauthorized access to your practice and / or patient information.

Because eMoyoDotNet (Pty) Ltd takes the confidentiality of patient information very seriously any person utilizing our service also agrees to the following:

1) To ensure the confidentiality of the Password at all times, and to ensure that the Account Name and Password are adequately safeguarded and neither easily accessible nor disclosed to anyone other than trusted medical staff under your direct supervision.

2) To ensure that any personal to whom you give access understand and accept their responsibility in relation to the protection of patient privacy particularly as far as the protection and safeguarding of passwords and public computer access are concerned.

3) To ensure that all patients understand and consent to their personal information and test data being stored online. (
Patient consent form attached for your convenience)

4) Should you at any stage wish to revoke your consent to secure online record storage, please notify eMoyoDotNet in writing, and your relevant records will be deleted.

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