1. Start / Open eMoyo4.0 

Click on the

icon on the task bar or Click "Start" after installation.

Be patient as the program is running for the first time and busy creating your database.

2. Log in as "First Time User"

2.1 Click "First Time User"

2.2 Enter "emoyouser" in the password field and click the


2.3 Enter "emoyouser" again in the password field and click the


3. Register the eMoyo4.0 Software

Remember: Either both the username and VC must exist or both must not exist and be created for the first time.

3.1 Enter the user’s details under "User Detail" NB:The email address HAS to be correct and unique - this will become the username.

3.2 The Phone number must be a mobile number.

3.3 Enter the "Clinic / Practice Details"

The email and phone number is the default details that will receive emails and sms's from the server.

Therefore make sure the Phone number is a mobile number.

More users and contact details can easily be added later.

Choose "Default" in the drop down menu's for "Profile:" and "Clinic Practice Type:"

3.4 Enter the details under "Physical Location:"


The eMoyo Software registration web page will now open in a web browser.

4. Submitting the Registration Request 

The next three steps is very important.

4.1 Determine the "License Code:" & "Clinic/Practice name:"

License Code = Division = VTC ( Virtual Telemedicine Centre)

Clinic/Practice name = Sub Division = VC ( Virtual Clinic) - Very important field! This will become the VC identity.

4.2 Double check the "Email*:", "Mobile number*:", "Clinic/Practice Email*:" and "Clinic/Practice SMS number*:"

4.3 Double check that both the username and VC exists or both does not exist and will be created for the first time.

4.4 Click "Submit"

5. Notify R&D support and request registration

Include TeamViewer details and who the registration is for.

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