We always want to do what we can to help spread the wine happiness! Single shipments or multiple pre-paid shipments of each season's box are made available to purchase as gifts and can be found on our Gift Page. With our gifts, you select the package and the number of shipments you would like to send, and you pay for them all in advance. Once the last shipment has been sent, the gift is considered complete. No need to cancel!

We also have Discovery Packs, which are single, one-time purchases available in our online store. We will let you know as soon as they are available in our store via our email newsletter. 

If you choose to order a Kwaf subscription for your gift recipient, please keep in mind that you will be automatically billed for the next shipment unless you cancel at least 2 business days before the payment for the next order is processed. Payments are processed on the 8th of each month that delivery occurs.

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