We stand with all Canadians who may be growing increasingly concerned about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), its current impact, and the impact it may have in the weeks to come.

With the recent announcements from all provincial health authorities of the rising numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country, we want our members to know that we take our direction from these health agencies, as well as the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and will continue to respond and act in-line with their recommendations.

Even with the recent announcements of States of Public Emergency in Alberta and Ontario, the risk of transmission remains low in our country and our daily operations remain unaffected. In certain circumstances, provincial health authorities may direct individuals to self-isolate. Self-isolation is a precautionary measure and does not mean that the individual is infected with COVID-19. Should any of our direct or indirect teams be instructed to self-isolate, we have developed measures to remain fully operational including working remotely, on rotating schedules, and cross-training our team.

Our facilities are always clean and orderly however we are taking extra precautions at this time to ensure that the product and facilities remain safe including more frequent cleanings, limiting/eliminating visitations, wearing gloves, staying home when presenting with any signs of illness, etc.

We use Canada Post for our deliveries and, as of September 2nd, 2021, Canada Post has made some changes to how they are handling shipments. To read the full statement, visit Canada Post's website here. The major points affecting your WineCollective shipment include:

  • Restoring the 10-day limit for holding parcels at post offices

  • Resuming deliveries of signature items to the door of homes with their own outdoor entrance, where delivery agents can stay outdoors to perform the delivery and capture a verbal signature. However, your assigned driver may opt to leave a delivery notice card at your address and re-route your package to the nearest outlet, in the interest of their health and safety

  • Maintaining their protocol of not collecting signatures at the door for deliveries to apartments, condos and businesses with a common entrance, which means your package will automatically be directed to the nearest Canada Post outlet.

We understand that picking up parcels from the local post office may be inconvenient for many or impossible for others. If you are in a situation of quarantine or self-isolation due to COVID-19, you can arrange for someone else to retrieve your package as per the Canada Post directive:

"To receive the following items only: Registered, Xpresspost Certified, Proof of Identity, Proof of Age, COD (collect on delivery) and items where custom fees are due, please know that we cannot release these items unless a signature is provided. You will receive a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity and signing. If you are sick or under self-isolation, please arrange for someone to pick up these items in your place."

Should a situation arise that has the potential to affect any aspect of our daily operations, we will offer complete transparency to our members and deliver these communications in a timely manner.

We recognize that this is an evolving story. While it is natural to be concerned about new threats to our health, we believe the best protocol is to stay educated with up-to-date information from reliable sources and take all preventive steps as outlined by the health agencies. Above all, be understanding and kind to each other. We are all in this together and that is exactly how we will get through it!

The Kwaf Team

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