We’re proud to support our local wine industry during this difficult time, helping subscribers discover Ontario wineries and introducing them to unique wines not available anywhere else. To be able to continue to do so, we’ve had to increase Kwaf’s subscription prices.

Please know raising prices is not a decision we take lightly. Our last increase was in November of 2020 and existing members were grandfathered for their winter package. Before that, we had not had a price increase in over 3 years. We want to continue bringing you the great service you’ve come to expect, meaning:

  • No Sign-Up fees

  • A carefully curated selection of Ontario wines from not one but multiple vendors

  • Presenting a mix of small-batch and VQA quality wines completely unique to Kwaf

  • Introducing subscribers to wines usually available only direct from wineries

  • Educational and explorational opportunities of Ontario wines through our brochures, along with recipes, tasting passes and more

  • Delivering subscriptions in sustainable packaging directly to members’ doors across Canada with no additional shipping costs

With continuing supply chain challenges and rising costs associated with inflation, raising prices is our way of ensuring we can deliver the high-quality wines and one-of-a-kind experience that Kwaf is known for. We hope that you will continue to find the value and quality that you have come to expect.


Why have prices increased?

Due to operational & supply chain challenges, as well as general rising costs due to inflation, Kwaf’s operational expenses have been going up. Raising prices helps us meet our own costs without having to sacrifice the quality of our product.

Do you plan on increasing them again?

We review our business on an annual basis, including operational costs, suppliers, and inflation. We can’t predict how our operational costs will change in the future, but please know we are committed to keeping our pricing fair for our customers and raising prices only when necessary to meet increased costs.

Will I still receive the same great selection of wines?

Absolutely! We want to keep bringing the very best in small-batch and VQA quality Ontario wines directly to your door. This change allows us to maintain both the quality and the variety you’re used to, providing a unique wine mix from different vendors that you’re not going to get anywhere else.

Will the customer experience change?

Kwaf isn’t a wine delivery service, it’s a whole wine club experience. It’s important to us to nurture our subscribers’ love of wine and to give you opportunities to learn about and explore the world of Ontario wines for yourself. This will always be part of the Kwaf customer experience.

Can I cancel my membership?

While we’ll be sad to see you go, you are free to cancel or pause your membership at anytime, with no penalties or hidden fees. Please reach out to the customer service team at WineChap@kwaf.ca and we will be happy to assist you. However, please note that cancellations can take several days to process, so it is imperative you do so at least 2 business days before the shipment charge is applied on the 8th of the delivery month. The charge cannot be cancelled or refunded once it has gone through. If you request a cancellation after the charge has already been processed, you will receive the final delivery that has been paid for, after which your membership will be cancelled as requested.

With an increase in price, can I expect anything different with my package?

Kwaf is always in the process of reaching out to new winery partners and obtaining exciting new small-batch and VQA quality wines for our subscribers to discover and enjoy. While the overall package will not change, you can expect a unique experience with every Kwaf delivery. Raising prices allows us to meet our expenses while keeping future Kwaf shipments consistent with the high quality you expect.

My membership price includes a promotional discount, will the discount still apply?

The price increase applies to all accounts across the board. Following the price increase, our previous promotion codes will no longer be active and can no longer be applied to reduce your subscription price. Codes for promotions run after the price increase will of course be honoured.

I received a corked or damaged bottle of wine, will the price increase affect my discount?

Discounts issued as a result of a damaged shipment or a corked or otherwise faulty wine will always be honoured by Kwaf. If your account has an active discount for any of these reasons, the discount will still be applied to the new subscription price.

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